Review your resume and familiarize yourself with the matters you have listed.

Look at the job description and prepare a list of matters you have done that correlate with what the law firm is asking for.

Review the law firm web page describing the practice you will be interviewing for.  Prepare questions about what they are doing that you want to know more about.

Review the law firm about us page.

Review the law firm careers page for your location.

Ask questions about the job.

Who will you be working with?

What is the crossover with other departments for building a book of business?

What are the law firm’s expectations for you when you start?  What is the short-term goal for bringing you on board?  What is the long-term goal?

Within the first 6 months?

Within the first year?

Within the first 5 years?

Review the law firm profiles for each of the interviewers.  Ask questions about what they do.

Ask about pro bono work and be prepared to discuss your pro bono work.

Other questions.

What is the ratio of associates to a partner?  Who will you be supporting?

What is the path-to-partnership?

What are their plans for expansion?

Who are their competitors?

Who are their clients?

What is their compensation and bonus plan?

What are the billable hours?

Is there anything else you should be asking?