Attorney Headhunters for Partners and Associates

attorney headhunters on laptops

Our legal headhunters help attorneys who seek a highly confidential job search.  To keep your identity private and from being discovered by your existing firm, the attorney headhunter presents your information anonymously without divulging your name or the law firm.

We present you to firms you want to create a relationship with and existing jobs advertised.  You are the decider of which firms, and we will always get your approval before approaching a firm.

A focused approach, submitting to a limited number of jobs, is recommended on your behalf.  Additional information on the firms’ pros and cons, such as ethnic diversity, gross firm revenue, lateral higher retention, US growth or decline, and profit per partner, are also discussed during this process.

Our lawyer headhunters are the best in the industry and will spend time with you explaining things during the recruiting process.

The nationwide defense law firms we recruit for require Associates with at least one year of recent experience working at a law firm as an attorney and current membership in the state bar of the office that is looking to hire.  Partners generally have a large book of business and high billing rates.  These firms are usually listed as the top 100 or 200 law firms in the United States and are in major cities.

Bovaird Attorney Recruitment is like a boutique law firm.  We offer a personalized approach to your search specializing in headhunting attorneys for the top 200 law firms in the United States.  Many of the attorneys we recruit graduated from the nation’s top law schools with Honors and were members of the law review.  In addition, many of them have clerked for the United States Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals.

lawyer headhunter shaking handsWhy we are not asking you to submit your resume on our website

Confidentiality is very important to you and to us.  As lawyer headhunters we want to ensure you are interested in the opportunity and have the information about the law firm before we submit your materials.  And we want to speak to you over the telephone in advance.

Who we do not recruit?

As attorney headhunters, we recruit Direct-for-Hire Attorneys, not Contract or Contract-to-hire.

Generally, we do not recruit for plaintiff firms or in-house jobs.

We do not recruit new law school graduates or associates with less than one year of experience working at a law firm.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.
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