Legal Headhunter

Attorneys spend many hours at work, and it is my job as a legal headhunter to help them make the best decision when changing law firms. I want them to feel comfortable in their decision-making process. I want to ensure the firm they choose is an excellent fit for them, and that they are an excellent fit for the firm.

On a personal level, there are some things many attorneys are concerned about. Moving to a firm that is too far from home; Working at a firm where the Partner is in a remote office; Flexibility in the work schedule; Work-life Balance; Diversity; Compensation; Benefits; Mentoring; Building a book-of-business.

These are relevant concerns, and it is up to me, their legal headhunter, to get answers and address them early on.

Additionally, the attorney’s skills must closely match what the law firm wants. Precisely why they are using a legal headhunter.

A legal headhunter helps attorneys to move forward and to make the right decisions in their career growth. Being an excellent fit will leave everyone feeling happy and confident.

Pam Bovaird.

Pam Bovaird is CEO of Bovaird Attorney Recruitment, a 100% women-owned company, has recruiting experience spanning 25 years. She recruits associate attorneys and partners – all disciplines. Additionally, she is strong in Sales and Marketing, thinking outside of the box, highly efficient, and process-driven.

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