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Confidentiality and Anonymous Submittals

As an attorney recruiter we will not divulge your name or your law firm in advance to your approving our submitting your materials to the law firm.  Anonymous submissions of your information is helpful in getting answers to some of your questions.  However, it will not be considered a submittal until we submit all of your materials to the hiring attorney recruiter at the law firm with your name and law firm included.

Materials we need from you

Materials attorneys need to provide for submittals include a resume, law school transcript, writing sample or deal sheet, and a cover letter.

Who we recruit for

We work with the law firm attorney recruiters, and we screen candidates in advance to make sure they are experienced in the practice areas the law firm is hiring for.

Where we recruit

As a nationwide attorney recruiting firm we work in all major cities and cover all fifty states.

Practices and Specialties We Recruit Attorneys For


Antitrust, Banking, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Data Privacy, ERISA, Energy, Entertainment, Environmental, FDA, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Media, Real Estate, Tax, Telecommunications, Transportation, Trust & Estates.


Specialties in each Practice area differ and sometimes they overlap.  A Corporate Practice is usually based on transactions of some sort and that can vary to financing, licensing, compliance regulatory, hedge funds, which can overlap with Banking and Data Privacy.  Litigation practices can be for labor and employment class action or include financial services, compliance regulatory, tax controversy.  Real Estate practices could be real estate finance transactions or real estate and construction litigation. Tax practices can include State and Federal Taxes or Mergers and Acquisitions and Emerging Companies, and so forth.


Transparency is important to the attorneys we are recruiting, and it is important to the law firms we recruit for.

Transparency for Attorneys

We offer Transparency to attorneys showing,

Transparency for the Law firms include

Explaining why you are leaving your current position, and they want to see a copy of your law school transcript and your Bar Membership number in advance to forwarding to the hiring partner and selecting attorneys for interviews.

On your resume they are looking for job longevity and the law firms you have worked for in addition to your practice areas and specialties. It is also good to show the industries you are working for, and your graduating class year giving them an idea of how many years of experience you have.

Bar Memberships

Generally, attorneys need to be a member of the Bar in the state they are working in.


In many cases if an attorney has been practicing for five plus years, they can waive into the state bar they want to become a member of.  Sometimes if they have less than five years’ experience and they passed their bar exam with high marks they can also waive in.  In all cases it depends on the state you want to waive into.


Sometimes, attorneys who are members of the USPTO can start working at a firm when they are not members of the state bar the firm is located in.  In this case they usually have to sit for the bar in the state they are working in within a certain period of time.

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