Legal Recruiting

When an attorney is looking for a new opportunity, they want to know what it is like working at a law firm. Unless they have attorney friends who have worked there, it is an unknown. A reason they need a legal recruiting advisor.

Having a trusted legal recruiting advisor can help you get the information you need to make a sound decision in your next career move. This information is found in many ways, including asking the law firm recruiter, talking to attorneys, researching databases specific to the law industry, and so forth. Being an Attorney Recruiter, I am engaged daily in these matters.

It is essential to have legal recruiting advisors because they offer information to help you make the right decision on your next career move. Associates ask about camaraderie, work-life balance, face-time, mentorship, and compensation. Partners ask about bill rates, building the book of business, profits per partner, and diversity.


Pam Bovaird.

Pam Bovaird is CEO of Bovaird Attorney Recruitment, a 100% women-owned company, has recruiting experience spanning 25 years. She recruits associate attorneys and partners – all disciplines. Additionally, she is strong in Sales and Marketing, thinking outside of the box, highly efficient, and process-driven.

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