How to Craft a Great Law Firm Associate Resume & Cover Letter

attorney handing in a resume

Write your resume and cover letter with the job advertisement in mind.

The law firm recruiter is the first one to see your materials.  Make sure your materials speak to what they are advertising. Your resume and writing sample are the first things they see, so make it easy for them to qualify you and send your materials to the hiring partner.

Include your Practice Area, Specialties, the types of clients you are working with, matters you have worked on, and more information about you.

On your resume, they are looking for job longevity and the law firms you have worked for in addition to your practice areas and specialties. It is also good to show the industries you are working for, and your graduating class year giving them an idea of how many years of experience you have.

On your law firm cover letter explain why you are leaving your current position and why you are qualified for the position you are applying for.  Include information that is current and may not be on your resume.

Before your interview, update your information.

  • Your law firm profile
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Pro Bono work
  • Book of Business and Marketing Activities
  • Papers you have written
  • Professional Organization Memberships
  • Professional References
  • Research and law firm databases you use