Does Your GPA or Law School Matter

The interview loop is challenging. Knowing the law firm’s business processes and long-term plans can guide you in making a sound decision in your next career move.

Sometimes your GPA is a factor, and sometimes it is not. It is mostly a factor when looking for work with one of the Big Law firms, Am 100/200.

Am 100/200 law firms are interested in hiring you as a new associate attorney when your GPA is cum laude and above, and you graduated from a top law school. Graduating from a top law school with a mid-level GPA, or graduating with a very high GPA from a lesser known law school may still get you into some of the Big Law firms.

When you gain more experience in a sought-after practice, the GPA and law school become less of a factor.

I spoke to one attorney who started in a big law firm as a staff attorney because their GPA was lower. Once proven, however, the attorney became a partner track associate at the law firm, and then a Managing Associate.

Your law school may or may not be a deciding factor. I have seen law firms requiring the top 25 law schools and the top 20% in the graduating class. Yet, other firms are more relaxed in this requirement.

Keep in mind; there are thousands of law firms in Southern California who are ranking outside of the AM 100/200 that are looking for attorneys. Being smart, driven, a great writer and researcher with the right attitude and a great work ethic also go a long way.

My role is to provide valuable information about Southern California law firms and match attorneys to the right opportunities. I am an attorney recruiter and I spend all day every day recruiting attorneys for Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego law firms and speaking with the law firms to get the insider information.

Pam Bovaird.

Pam Bovaird is CEO of Bovaird Attorney Recruitment, a 100% women-owned company, has recruiting experience spanning 25 years. She recruits associate attorneys and partners – all disciplines. Additionally, she is strong in Sales and Marketing, thinking outside of the box, highly efficient, and process-driven.

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