Information on Attorney Recruiting in Los Angeles

The Number of Attorneys Working at Los Angeles Law Firms

The number of Partners, Counsel, and partner-track Attorneys working at Los Angeles law firms is massive. I am a Los Angeles attorney recruiter and Attorney Headhunter.

In August 2020, there were more Partners and Counsel than Associates at law firms in Los Angeles, mainly in two locations, downtown Los Angeles and Century City.

Out of six-hundred-thirty-four law firms, there were 4,958 Partners, 1,439 Counsel, and 3,999 Associates. Of the Am 200 firms, there were thirty-eight Am 200 firms and seventy-nine Am 100, including 3086 Partners, 884 Counsel, and 2820 Associates. I compiled this from a database I use, and it includes many but not all of the law firms in Los Angeles.

As a Los Angeles Attorney Recruiter and Attorney Headhunter, my relationships and contracts are with the top Am 100/200 defense law firms and smaller boutique firms in Century City and Downtown Los Angeles.