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AM 200 Law Firm, Partners and Law Firm groups, Los Angeles


An AM 200 Law firm, opened a new office in Los Angeles, and they seek new growth of partners, mergers, and firm acquisitions.

The firm has a strong balance sheet with low debt, and business has increased by 10% yearly for years.

They are expanding practices in Real Estate, Corporate, Labor & Employment, Estate Planning, Litigation, Construction, and Government Contracts. Transactional practices are highly preferred.

Some pluses while working at the firm are:

There is no minimum hours requirement if a partner carries a big book of business.

Depending on your book of business, they may open an office in your location.

The firm has a dozen people in business roles at the firm performing marketing podcasts, blogs, and drip campaigns to help generate new business for the partners.

They have a Delaware office.

They manage billings, etc., so you can practice the way you want to practice and retain your autonomy.

Overall compensation is high.

19 Offices situated in 9 states and the District of Columbia, providing services nationwide.
280+ attorneys. 500 total staff.

A comprehensive array of legal practices focused on the areas of Business Transactions & Consulting, Private Client Services and

Founded in 1987 and continues to grow strategically.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.
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